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Umajin v3.0 release

Umajin v3.0 release

Published on March 28, 2019

By David Brebner

The Umajin Application System has some big upgrades for version 3.0 including a new look and feel.

Umajin Editor
We have gone through the whole application and updated the user interface design of our Umajin Editor to look better on higher resolution displays. The design has then followed on to our Umajin Editor Lite as well. All component and action icons have been updated as well to give a more cohesive experience. There is project history tab in the Project List so authors can see what has been completed on their project and the list is searchable. You can now drag ā€˜nā€™ drop components on the scene tree and in the actions lists in the properties inspector. Guide-wire positions can also be precisely set by clicking on the Guide-wire tab. Project settings can now be edited in the Properties Inspector and can be undone.

Umajin Editor Lite
The Umajin Editor Lite has updated descriptions of the projects state on the device. It includes information about whether the project is loaded, needs to be downloaded or it up-to-date. Other new features include a new commenting system which feeds back to users of the full Umajin Editor, console window for debugging and page thumbnails for easy navigation. The threaded commenting system allows users of the Umajin Editor Lite to give feedback to the author on specific pages of the project. These comments can be accessed by the Umajin Editor on the desktop for discussion. The console window shows information (from the Umajin JavaScript engine) to help the author view state and error information from their scripts and custom components directly on the mobile device. The pages list shows all pages of the project so the user can find and comment on them even when the page is not navigable.

Umajin Cloud
Umajin cloud has been enhanced with an all-new version control system for content, a media upload manager, an improved HTML editor and the ability to insert media into feeds.

Notch Support in Android and iOS updated
Umajin now has a safe area which makes supporting notches on iOS and Android 9.0 much more convenient. The status bar can also now be displayed while a project is active as well.

Umajin Spatial
Google Maps now work on desktop (macOS and Windows). Improved zoom capabilities and the ability to add a fake user location for testing as well. New 3D model and texture support for 3D spatial models like cities. New indoor/outdoor 3D location services.

Umajin AR/VR
Umajin has new PBR shaders for more realistic objects, amazing character animation, voice recognition, voice synthesis, a 3D scenario builder and more.

Numerous other enhancements
We have updated the permissions systems for both Android and iOS. The Windows Editor is now a 64bit application and we have added macOS Mojave permissions for Camera and Microphone. There is better management of Text entry components. The reliability and consistency of feed components has been improved and many other minor bugs have been resolved.