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PwC Launches new Interactive Application for the Las Vegas Mob Museum built on Umajin

PwC Launches new Interactive Application for the Las Vegas Mob Museum built on Umajin

Published on June 18, 2020

By Russell Brebner

BOSTON, February, 2020 –  The Mob Museum in Las Vegas launched a new interactive app for visitors built on Umajin’s next- generation application development platform. The app uses facial-recognition technology to compare a user’s face to a database of more than 800 images including notable heroes, villains, singers, comedians and entertainers — as well as many others from the mob world — to identify the user’s closest Doppelgangster, such as Al Capone or Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson.

“This app enhances the museum experience for our guests, allowing them to engage with us before, during and after their visit,” says Jonathan Ullman, president and CEO of The Mob Museum, in a news release. “It gives guests new ways to make the most out of their visit while onsite and allows us to build better relationships with people who aren’t physically at the museum.”

“We are excited to be able to provide the Mob Museum with an engaging new application for its visitors,” said Rob Mesirow, leader of the connected devices practice at PwC. “ Our consulting team was able to build the application without outside developer resources using the Umajin platform. This allowed us to work collaboratively with the Mob Museum team to ensure that the application met their requirements”

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“We have built our application platform over the past 15 years and merged enterprise workflow and data integration capabilities with game engine and VR technology,” said David Brebner, CEO and Founder of Umajin. “This enables partner like PwC to build very high quality integrated solutions in 90% less time, while incorporating experiences like facial recognition, voice recognition, and even AR/VR experiences.  We are working with PwC to apply this capability to several other IoT and digital transformation solutions.”