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Everything You Need To Know About Game Engines

Everything You Need To Know About Game Engines

Published on January 05, 2021

By Russell Brebner

The demand for immersive 3D experiences is making its way into the office, and developers need a more efficient process to meet this growing demand, says David Brebner, founder and CEO of Umajin. 

To be a game developer, you don’t have to be a coding ninja. Game engines can do a lot of the work for you, and they have been used to build some of the most amazing and popular games available today. They do this by providing a lineup of tools and technologies for game developers to pull from to create their own games. 

This high level of development is possible because of the pre-built functions in game engines. The biggest advantage game engines offer is the ability to build high-quality content without incurring the enormous time commitment and costs necessary to build the underlying game engine from scratch. 

The desire for these immersive 3D experiences is starting to make its way into enterprise applications. Enterprise business line owners are seeing the advantages of providing teams with more compelling and immersive applications for things like training and e-learning. 

However, there’s far more that goes into enterprise application development than creating the immersive and cinematic experiences that game engines provide. The ability to integrate with enterprise data and existing systems is paramount, and the business logic layers, APIs, and data security compliance necessary for enterprise applications are not built into gaming engines. 

The prospect of building an immersive application from scratch is often a long and costly one. To facilitate a faster, more collaborative development process, enterprise teams need to embrace the value of an experience engine — a hybrid approach that combines enterprise developer tools, game engine technologies, and a low code visual editor and building blocks. 

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