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Authoring the industrial metaverse

Authoring the industrial metaverse

Published on January 28, 2022

Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Magic Leap and others have all been investing in XR headsets. But authoring XR content for the industrial metaverse and building next generation applications will require a revolution in authoring tools. Today it is primarily done with tools designed for video game and film production. They can create incredible scenes, but content is costly and complex to produce.

Umajin is designed for efficiently authoring applications for the metaverse with low code tools and drag & drop building blocks. Basic app authoring requires no programming experience. Developers can extend by adding new building blocks made in JavaScript or native code. The underlying engine incorporates game engine technology for beautifully animated and rendered 3D content. The engine is optimized for low power consumption.

The company’s primary focus is mobile and XR workflow applications for enterprise applications, such as VR scenario training, AR maintenance and repair workflows, IoT data visualization, and asset tracking and logistics. Umajin can also be used by consumers to quickly create content and instantly deploy it to their mobile devices or VR headsets, such as the Meta Quest 2.

Building solutions on Umajin is a fundamentally more efficient process. Business teams, together with SI or development partners, can work simultaneously on the multi-user collaborative visual editor. Libraries of pre-built and reusable custom components, and automation of many programming tasks using AI greatly accelerate the development process. Time to deployment can be greatly reduced.
The platform includes content management in the cloud, cloud services orchestration, secure connectors to other enterprise systems and embedded testing tools. The Umajin platform fully supports project design through deployment, often replacing a whole suite of dev ops tools.

Umajin has a very deep intellectual property portfolio built over the past 15 years while creating and licensing custom software for Microsoft, Intel, Dell, and HP. Umajin is going to market with SI partners including PwC.