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Object Detection is in the Fast Lane

Object Detection is in the Fast Lane

Published on October 07, 2022

Umajin machine vision on the edge empowers customers to benefit from the ongoing improvements in algorithms and hardware. This is a very rapidly moving space and we have invested in infrastructure to support custom data sets which can be retrained on new models and tested for reliability before being deployment on wide range of compute.

1.43 Billion smartphones were sold in 2021, this huge volume of devices drives continuous improvement in hardware. Modern smart phones continue to improve their camera sensors, for example a 48 megapixel camera sensor is the equivalent pixel count of thirty six 1080p surveillance cameras. and compute continues to improve along with network support including 5G and WiFi6.

On the algorithmic side “You only look once” is an amazingly powerful type of open source machine vision object detector. This technology has seen rapid improvements in the last few years including the recent release of YOLO v7.

The original YOLO concept is a single pass over the image, classifying cells in a grid and then using non-maximal suppression to find the superset of bounding boxes for a set of classified cells.

The training for this the V7 model has also improved enormously by using gradient flow propagation paths to optimise training, making it not just quicker but more effective with fewer entries required. This makes it much easier for us to provide customers with their very own personalised detectors.

Umajin is ensuring trained models can be flexibly deployed;

  • on smartphones with their own compute
  • on edge hardware with clusters of industrial cameras
  • in the cloud

The Umajin framework makes it easy to update the corpus of images, retrain, test and redeploy the new model onto these different tiers of compute. These labelled data sets are the key to the quality of object detection.

Detector for People

  • Track and count people, safety and occupancy limits
  • Validate safety equipment and PPE

Detector for Vehicles

  • Track, count, and classify vehicles
  • Check number plates, vehicle speeds

Detector for Objects

  • Track, classify and count items with real time status updates

Zone Occupancy and Speed

  • Count and measure the velocity of people, vehicles or objects inside specific camera zones

Umajin is very excited to see the increased accuracy possible with our cascading detection system which allows you to stack different models and classifiers on top of our standard object detectors and zones to create unique hybrid solutions for your enterprise requirements.