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Umajin Platform Elements

Umajin Platform Elements

Published on October 13, 2022

The Umajin Application System has a breakthrough architecture consisting of four elements your teams can use collaboratively.

These are the Umajin Editor providing visual creation on Windows and MacOS, the Umajin Cloud provides a CMS and distribution of your projects, Umajin Deployment that supports instant native deployment for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows, as well as managing the release and versioning of API’s, Data sets and machine learning models.  Then the Umajin Server can be installed into your enterprise to provide real time API’s, database gateways, REST gateways and data caching.

Whiteboard walkthrough of the architecture

We built Umajin to tackle the Enterprise Ecosystem challenge – addressing the changing landscape of Users, Devices, Enterprise Software and Data. To make creating solutions quicker and more reliable Umajin includes a library of Powerful Building Blocks with unique capabilities including 3D indoor geolocation, real time animated and shaded 3D rendering, machine vision and AI capabilities. Umajin can also be extended with a sophisticated Javascript SDK.